Active Days of Summer

Busy, indeed — and we’ve much news to share with you. Our director Dr Anne has completed her “5 continents in 5 months” introduction of EWP across the globe, expanding our network of business colleagues and listening to the needs of busy professionals everywhere. Along the way, she participated in the BPW Leadership Summit (New York), UN … More Active Days of Summer

Busy Times!

We have been very busy here at EWP, preparing for and supporting our director’s global travels for the introduction of our company. Marketing 101 for any 21st-century global enterprise! … More Busy Times!

BPW 20% Discount!

Are you a member of Business & Professional Women International (BPW)? Our director is your BPW sister ~ and, BPW members worldwide receive a 20% discount on our services, including our Rejuvenation Retreats! Get your BPW discount today! #eastwestpsyche