Since the mid-1990s Andorra has begun to engage more closely with other nations…. However, in many ways it remains highly independent, neutral, and seemingly indifferent to the rest of the world – as only a small, remote mountain society could. … More Andorra


Armenia, a Transcaucasian state in northwesternmost Asia, with elements of European, Asian, Russian, Persian, and Levantine cultures, is an ancient people: the state was organised in 860 BCE, its unique alphabet since 405 CE — with a troubled history. … More Armenia

South Korea

Korea, long known as ‘The Hermit Kingdom’ for its reluctance to engage with the world, has burst into the global consciousness in recent years. … More South Korea

hiatus, return, renew

Dr Anne here. After a long, loooong pause…we’re back. <Phew!> The pandemic ground our ‘100 Countries’ project to a halt, like so many things, evaporating every scrap of motivation to carry on. By March 2020, all remaining travel for research I’d scheduled for the year (27 countries, scaling back after 55 countries in 2019) was … More hiatus, return, renew

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, with a population of 66 million (84% England, 8% Scotland, 5% Wales, and 3% Northern Ireland) is European-not-European, in many ways culturally distinct from the continent though with shared humanistic values. With a median age of 40.6 and life expectancy of 81 years, this predominantly Caucasian (87.2%; next largest group is 3%), … More United Kingdom