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Our Grand Opening Party has begun!


It’s the world’s stroke of midnight (00:00 UTC+14), and EWP has begun its month-long Grand Opening Party! Gifts will be hidden on our website all month, a new GIFT and location each day — THREE for the global New Year’s Day (01 January 2015: 00:00 UTC+14 ~ 23:59 UTC-12) !

The first three: Business Coaching Session (value: US$100 / HK$775!), Consultation for Wellness Plan (value: US$125 / HK$970!), and English Tutoring Session (value: US$75 / HK$580!). Grab YOURS: download and email it to us for validation!

 ~ Happy New Year from EWP!

The Countdown Begins…

The Countdown begins — to the New Year, and to our Grand Opening Party! We are nearly at the world’s first midnight (UTC+14) and the start of a 24-hour global welcoming, time zone after time zone, of the fresh new year! Simultaneously: EastWest Psyche throws open the doors on its Grand Opening Party, with 3 Gift Certificates for our services hidden somewhere in our website! Each new day thereafter will bring another GIFT in a new location! Get YOURS, and

Happy New Year from EastWest Psyche!


Grand Opening Treasure Hunt!

Our GRAND OPENING Treasure Hunt begins as we embrace the New Year: 31 December at the stroke of the world’s first midnight, <UTC+14>! For every day in January, we will post a TREASURE somewhere on our website: this GIFT icongift-card that leads you to a certificate for a FREE service! On the world’s New Year’s Day <UTC+14 to UTC-12!>, there will be THREE hidden treasures!

If you locate a certificate, please email it to us immediately for validation. We will return to you a certificate signed by our director, Dr. Anne Hilty, with a 90-day effective period! Welcome to our GRAND OPENING!

BPW Leadership Summit: New York

BPW Leaders Summit 2015Our Director is attending the BPW Leadership Summit in New York, 06-07 March. Will you? See:  #eastwestpsyche