Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment

20180824_194904_2Turns out, I can’t write and travel. The intensive research-oriented travel over these past 8 months — in 50+ countries across 5 continents — has taken all of my focus, and only now can I begin to write about it.

Like life: one can’t fully experience the moment if caught up in analyzing it. And so — we experience, deeply and openly; and only after: we reflect, and begin to understand.

Our 100 Countries Project is nearing completion, but only of Phase I: Local Experience. Within the next couple of days, Phase II: Reflection will begin.

But first, I offer you the following, from University of Washington|Bothell [modified by me]. Enjoy!

~Dr Anne

Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment

To begin to assess your cultural self-awareness, ask yourself several questions:

  • What are some of my core beliefs and how have they been culturally influenced?
  • How would I describe my worldview?
  • How would I describe the worldviews of my friends/relatives/colleagues/students?
  • How might these differ from the ways in which I see the world?
  • How much do I know about the cultural backgrounds of my friends/relatives/colleagues/students?
  • What information am I missing and how can I get that information?
  • How can I incorporate the worldviews of my friends/relatives/colleagues/students into my own?
  • What worldviews are demonstrated through the way in which I currently live?
  • How can I enhance my interactions with others, so that other worldviews are represented?