100 Countries Project: the Scheme

20180504_194639_2In preparation for our 100 Countries Project, Phase II: Reflection, we’d like to share with you our scheme for the upcoming 100(+) entries by country.

Each entry will begin with its classifications according to standard theories of cultural study (e.g., individualist vs collectivist). We’ll then offer some of our insights, or particularly salient facts about the country and its dominant culture, followed by a few tips for better understanding. Photos to accompany the article will be selected according to their ability to “tell a story” – to reflect an important cultural feature (or several).

We’ve decided to start with Hong Kong, as that’s where EWP is headquartered; while no longer technically a “country” per se, Hong Kong nonetheless, like its neighbor Macao, is culturally distinct from the Chinese mainland as a result of its history.

Having begun in Hong Kong, our articles will then progress throughout Asia, by sub-region; beginning with Northeast and ending with Western Asia, aka the Middle East, with a side journey to Oceania. From there, we’ll turn to Europe, from Southeastern through the various regional distinctions until we come nearly full-circle to Southern Europe – at which point, we cross the Mediterranean into Africa. Progressing once again regionally from Northern or MENA through Western, Eastern, and Southern Africa (the Central region has not yet become part of this project), we’ll go from there into South America, moving upwards to North America where we’ll begin with Spanish- and end with English-speaking countries.

The outcome, or Phase III, of our 100 Countries Project is multi-pronged, including a 7-book series on Intercultural Competency by region; the further informing of our current training programs which can be found HERE, as well as new ones in development to be delivered both onsite and online; the grounding of Dr Anne’s counselling practice with expatriates, intercultural couples, and Third-Culture Kids, as well as her consultative practice with multicultural corporations; contribution to 3 global projects currently co-facilitated by Dr Anne for the BPW community: Intercultural Dialogues: UNESCO Platform, International Mobility: Expatriate Empowerment, and Women, Peace & Security: UN1325; and, much more.

We hope you’ll continue with us on this journey around the world.

~Dr Anne