Year-End Message


As we near the year’s end and the coming of a new year, we here at EWP also recently observed our first anniversary, on 05 November. We are pleased with our Year 1 progress, highlights of which are:

  • Set-up and Soft Opening (November-December 2014);
  • Grand Opening Promotional Event [Online] x 1-month (January 2015)
  • Publication of 2 books with global distribution re: same (December 2014; March 2015)
  • Business Travel: 5 continents in 5 months (18 countries) for extension of global network, including BPW Leadership Summit, Cross-Cultural Communication Conference, African Women’s Empowerment Summit, Global Summit of Women, and BPW Milan B2B Expo, February through June, 2015);
  • Participation in NGO-UNESCO event (Beijing; July 2015);
  • Director’s full-time relocation back to Hong Kong (September);
  • Launch of The Hong Kong Federation of Business and Professional Women [director is founding president] (October);
  • Building of local network via series of business meetings, networking events (September through December);
  • Application for incubation, including conceptual design of FEMPOWER, new flagship programme of EWP (December).

We’re eager for Year 2 (and, Year 3!), the goals of which are:

  • Incubation / Acceleration via a Hong Kong government-approved programme;
  • Development of FEMPOWER, an online women’s empowerment programme, at 3 levels [Basic, Intermediate, Advanced];
  • Development of webinars, podcasts, videos, books, articles, and other materials;
  • Director’s attendance at 2-3 entrepreneurship / startup events in Hong Kong per year, including 2016 Startmeup Hong Kong and RISE, for knowledge and networking;
  • Director’s attendance at 2-3 international women’s conferences / summits / events per year, for networking;
  • Director’s ongoing engagement with UN Women and their online Empower Women, for networking and support;
  • Director’s ongoing engagement with BPW International and BPW Hong Kong, also for networking and support;
  • Employment of 3-5 part-time to full-time personnel;
  • Engagement of 3-5 major partners;
  • Growth of client base at a rate of 15% annual increase;
  • Realization of 1+ retreat and 1+ tour annually.

We look forward to working with YOU along the way!

Happy New Year!