Writing, Editing

High quality and swift turnaround guaranteed!

Business: Need a report or proposal for business purposes, yet not a writer? Don’t have time? English not your native language? You provide us with the data, and we will produce the document. We can also assist you in media releases and press conference / interview Q&A, business presentation scriptwriting, writing a business or marketing plan, developing a prospectus, funding applications, social media content, or website development. For all your written business communication, we can help you look your best! 

Medical: Are you a physician, medical professor, or researcher? We can help you present your research in the best possible light, with doctoral-level English and a keen understanding of research and medical journal format. Or are you a hospital administrator in need of documents? We can provide them, at a superb quality. Our understanding of medical terminology and procedure is extensive, based on 40+ years of experience! Qualitative Research also available. 

Academic: Need a document but not fond of writing? Don’t have the time? Not a native English speaker? If you are a professor, instructor, or administrator and need written materials, we can help.  You supply the information and we write the article, in the style that you require. Qualitative Research and Public Presentation development also available. For academic journal, classroom, public presentation, or online use. 

Commercial: Need an article for a magazine or newspaper but don’t have the time? Do you have a book inside of you, and are longing for a ‘ghost writer’? Giving a presentation and need a script? We can help, with our Writing for Commercial Purposes! We provide quality writing in whatever style you require, either from your own supplied material (written notes as e-files, direct communication, or audio recording) or on your topic with our Qualitative Research. By writing in your ‘voice’ and pitching the material to your intended audience, we help you look your best! 

Social Media Content: Do you need content for your website, social media accounts, or blog? We can generate content in a wide range of areas, with appropriate research and guarantee of accuracy. What’s more, we use psychological principles to ensure audience appeal and insight marketing!

Editing and Proofreading: Want your document to look its best? Editing (for form + content) and/or proofreading (for grammatical and/or spelling errors; no content) are available. For academic journal articles, manuscripts, medical research papers, journalistic or commercial articles, presentations, and reports. We can provide you with a corrected document, work directly with you via Google Docs, and/or consult with you directly to discuss recommended changes (editing), as you prefer. What’s more, we have a global understanding of cultural distinctions and the ‘voice’ of your document.  With our psychological foundation, we can assist you in writing the most effective document possible!