Our signature events, offered around the world!

SEMINAR: Intercultural Dialogue

  • 2-hour semi-structured / participatory
  • Discussion on cultural themes and communication tools
  • Style modeled after philosophy cafe
  • Venue: urban cafe or bookshop [public space]
  • Cost: FREE

TRAINING: Intercultural Competence

  • 3-hour training, instruction + participatory
  • Skills-based, for transferable competence in any culture
  • Useful for global business, conferences, travel, multicultural work settings / projects / other environs at home, writing on cultural themes, and more
  • Venue: training center or equivalent
  • Cost: $150 [USD]
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Cultural Intelligence: From EQ to CQ
  • Intercultural Leadership

WORKSHOP: Writing for Cultural Themes

  • 2-hour workshop, instruction + participatory
  • Skills-based: writing + research
  • Focus: Cultural understanding and sensitivity
  • For professional writers focused on cultural / cross-cultural themes
  • Venue: classroom or equivalent
  • Cost: $100 [USD]

PRESENTATION: Global Citizenship in the 21st Century

  • Focus: Definition, necessary skills and experience for true global citizenship
  • Length: 30-minute, w/ PowerPoint
  • Alternative: 45-minute w/ Q&A
  • Venue: variable
  • Fee: $150 [USD]

hilty_anne_photoBW1FACILITATOR: Dr Anne Hilty is a cultural psychologist, professional educator, published author, and the owner / director of EastWest Psyche Ltd based in Hong Kong. From New York, Dr Anne has lived abroad since January 2005, primarily in East Asia as well as in Europe and UK. She has traveled to more than 100 countries for the purpose of cultural research, and is an active member of Business & Professional Women International with a network of colleagues in 100+ countries. Dr Anne has also founded 4 companies and co-founded 3 schools, in both North America and East Asia. She is consulted widely and presents regularly; to date, she has published 3 books, 3 book chapters, over 200 articles in 14 publications, 12 columns, and her doctoral thesis, with one completed book manuscript pending publication and a 7-book series on Intercultural Competency currently in progress.