Cultural: For expats, immigrants, intercultural couples, 3rd -culture ‘kids’, cross-cultural adoptees, and managers as well as staff of the international / intercultural workplace. Dr Anne has conducted cultural psychology research in 110 countries across 6 continents; she has lived abroad since January 2005 with residence in 5 countries to date and extended stays in 8 more.

Mental Health: Counseling may be supportive for stress management and resilience-building, difficulties in transition and adjustment to new circumstances, personal identity issues, dealing with past trauma, problems with alcohol or other substances, gambling or Internet abuse / addiction, eating disorders, mood disorders such as depression or anxiety, grieving / bereavement, and more. Dr Anne is a Jungian psychologist with a humanist / transpersonal approach, utilising a variety of methods according to each client’s needs. Counseling sessions are typically one-hour in length. Frequency and duration vary widely based on individual circumstances and can be estimated during the first session.

Career: Early-career, and not sure which profession is right for you? Mid-career and looking for a change? Still seeking your passion? Our Career Counseling service can help you! Based on solid psychological principles and a comprehensive understanding of today’s business and professional arena, we will assist you in identifying your interests and aptitudes, as well as any unconscious blocks that might be standing in your way. Together, we will set achievable goals and objectives to help you realize the career of your dreams!

Consultation for Wellness Plan is available as a one-time, comprehensive session for evaluation and development of a health and wellness plan, to include elements such as stress management techniques, exercise, nutrition, time management, meditation, and more. Also included is a careful analysis of your current lifestyle as well as health-related beliefs and values, to pinpoint changes that can be made for the improvement of your overall health and work-life balance. We work carefully with you to identify and assess your goals, objectives, and plan of action, as well as any potential barriers to achievement and methods for transcending them. This is typically a 1-hour session, at the end of which a comprehensive plan is generated.

Confidentiality and professionalism maintained to the highest degree.