Third-Culture Kids [TCKs]

Counseling for Third-Culture Kids [TCKs]:

TCKs represent a unique population, in that they belong to more than one culture — and not so clearly to any. The term is used to describe, regardless of age, those who have grown up within more than one cultural milieu: those who are raised by immigrants with one culture at home and another in the surrounding community; those who are born and/or grow up in multiple countries other than that of their expatriate / diplomat / military parents; those who are raised by parents who come from two distinct cultural backgrounds; those who become independent expats at an early age for long-term education (i.e. boarding school) outside of their home country; and cross-cultural adoptees.

Being a TCK brings unique challenges in regard to one’s cultural, and therefore personal, identity and sense of belonging. It is particularly difficult to know and understand oneself when one’s cultural milieu, foundational to core identity formation, is less than clear. Such status can also be a source of discrimination or bullying, isolation, unresolved grief, lack of bonding with extended family and general difficulty in forming relationships, a deeply ingrained sense of impermanence, and/or mental health issues. What is repatriation for their parents (if not true immigrants but ones who return to their homeland) can be especially difficult for the children who have no personal connection to their parent’s natal land. These challenges can all extend well into adulthood, as critical developmental phases were affected.

Dr Anne has lived abroad since early 2005, in several countries; she has also conducted cultural field research in 100+ countries while maintaining her counseling practice. She has worked with Third-Culture Kids (adolescent and adult) for more than 10 years and presents a uniquely qualified and supportive approach.

Counseling sessions are available globally; sessions are typically one-hour in length, and are conducted online via video conferencing. Frequency and duration vary widely based on individual circumstances, and can be estimated during the first session. Confidentiality and professionalism maintained to the highest degree.

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