Intercultural Couples

Counseling for Intercultural Couples:

While love, compatibility, and shared experience are powerful forces, when two people in a relationship come from different cultural backgrounds, it can become an unexpected source of conflict. Many times the qualities we dislike or don’t understand in our partner are not so much a reflection of his/her character as of the cultural milieu — often unrecognized as such by the person him-/herself. Counseling with a psychologist competent in intercultural matters can greatly increase mutual understanding for an improved relationship, and provide couples with the necessary skills as they continue to develop their relationship.

Dr Anne has lived abroad since early 2005, in several countries; she has conducted cultural field research in 100+ countries while maintaining her counseling practice, and is well prepared to work with intercultural couples as they work to better understand one another.

Counseling sessions are available globally; sessions are typically one-hour in length, and are conducted online via video conferencing. Frequency and duration vary widely based on individual circumstances, and can be estimated during the first session. Confidentiality and professionalism maintained to the highest degree.

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