Counseling for Expatriates:

People living abroad are faced with issues unique to their displaced status. These may include: a loss of identity, independence, and self-confidence; impact on mental health; dealing with discrimination; differences in work culture and business environment; lack of professional network; relationships: loss of original support system, making friends in the new country, impact on marriage/partnership, forming new romantic relationships, intercultural partnership/marriage; children: moving with / having in new country, education, socialization; financial: challenges, decrease in income, independence, planning for retirement; “culture shock”: language, cultural differences, resistance of locals to outsiders, problems within expat community such as alcoholism and promiscuity; homesickness; and, a general feeling of impermanence.

Dr Anne herself has been an expat since early 2005, in several countries; she has conducted field research in more than 100 countries while maintaining her counseling practice, and is well prepared to work with expatriates worldwide as they may struggle with issues related to the destabilizing and impermanent nature of their expat status.

Counseling sessions are available globally; sessions are typically one-hour in length, and are conducted online via video conferencing. Frequency and duration vary widely based on individual circumstances, and can be estimated during the first session. Confidentiality and professionalism maintained to the highest degree.

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