Counseling for Cross-Cultural Adoptees:

People who have been adopted into a culture outside of their ethnic heritage often struggle with issues of identity, unresolved grieving, challenging relationships within the adoptive family, discrimination and bullying, feelings of belonging and rejection, difficulties in relationships, and mental illness. They represent a highly specialized type of Third Culture Kid [TCK]. Many adult adoptees endeavor to seek out their birth relatives, with unrealistic expectations, bonding challenges, and renewed grieving and loss. Adoptees in adulthood also sometimes choose to return to their natal country to live, and are presented with unique difficulties in dominant culture expectations of assimilation and their own failure to integrate. Counseling with a psychologist with intercultural competence can prove especially helpful in assisting people who struggle with such issues.

Dr Anne has lived abroad since early 2005, in several countries; she has conducted cultural field research in 100+ countries, while maintaining her counseling practice. She has worked with a number of cross-cultural adoptees and is uniquely qualified to provide psychological support.

Counseling sessions are available globally; sessions are typically one-hour in length, and are conducted online via video conferencing. Frequency and duration vary widely based on individual circumstances, and can be estimated during the first session. Confidentiality and professionalism maintained to the highest degree.

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