Intercultural Workplace Mediation

Mediation and Conflict Resolution for the Intercultural Workplace:

Just as with any relationship, conflicts in the workplace may be due to cultural differences. This can often be difficult to identify and transform, as a good deal of one’s own cultural milieu is often poorly understood. While the tendency is to place blame on the personal characteristics of the other, increased knowledge and better understanding of both / all cultural backgrounds involved will go a long way toward resolution. A skilled mediator can provide objective assistance in identifying the sources of conflict and working with all concerned parties toward a solution.

Dr Anne is uniquely qualified to assist and support in such cases; as a PhD-educated psychologist, she brings a deep understanding of individual and group psychology to the mediation process. Additionally, she has conducted cultural field research in more than 100 countries, and has lived and worked in a variety of highly multicultural settings.

Mediation sessions are available globally; sessions are typically one-hour in length, and are conducted online via video conferencing. Frequency and duration vary widely based on individual circumstances, and can be estimated during the first session. Confidentiality and professionalism maintained to the highest degree.

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