HR Consultation

Human Resources is the backbone of any corporation, and Consultation for HR Concerns can provide you with the tools you need! Having difficulty with an employee? Want to improve your organization’s interpersonal relationships and/or intercultural competency? Need a higher level of business communication and better understanding of group dynamics, for more effective management? Conflict resolution an increasing priority? We can help! Based on a solid psychological foundation and extensive management and HR experience, we can analyze your corporate climate including specific personnel concerns and management skills deficits, and help to create a healthier plan for your organization’s bright future!

Culturally-based Consultation in the form of mediation and/or conflict resolution in the international / intercultural workplace, where cultural differences are a frequent source of conflict, is also available.

Crisis Management

Let’s face it: Crisis Management is inevitable! Some crisis or another occurs in many a business, and personnel are not always well-equipped to handle the high-energy (and emotion), out-of-control environment that results. Who better to assist than a PhD-trained psychologist with lengthy experience in the workplace, including management and business ownership? Let us help you manage the situation, identify and prioritize the necessary steps toward solution, educate (and calm) your staff, and steer your company to safety — turning crisis into opportunity!

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