Standard fees listed below; session packages are available, and a sliding scale is offered to those in need.  Discounts to support the economic empowerment of women: 10% for female entrepreneurs; 20% to members of Business & Professional Women (BPW) International. Gift Certificates may also be purchased.


NOTE: Fees provided in USD / HKD; payment may be made in either currency. Some fees variable (may be project-based, or dependent upon onsite vs online delivery format; to be negotiated prior to engagement).


  • Our Signature Intercultural Events: See Page for Details
  • Speaker’s Fee for Presentation by Dr Anne: US$150 / HK$1165
  • Other Trainings and Presentations: variable
  • Event Organisation: variable
  • Retreats and Tours: Pricing and Policy are separate from other services, based on fluctuating market values; posted on Retreat and Tour pages during the registration period for each event.

Individual Sessions (hourly rate):

  • Counseling (Mental Health): US$75 / HK$580
  • Counseling (Career): US$65 / HK$500
  • Coaching (all forms): US$65 / HK$500
  • Consultation (all forms): US$75 / HK$580
  • Tutoring: US$50 / HK$390

Writing / Editing (Per Page, A4, double-spaced):

  • Writing: US$35 / HK$270 [larger documents negotiable]
  • Editing / Proofreading: US$35 / HK$270
  • Research: variable


Payment: Easy online payment options are available via MC/V/AX/DS, UnionPay, PayPal, or by direct bank transfer. We will provide details and send invoice at the appropriate time according to our Payment & Refund Policy (below).

Payment & Refund Policy: Events: Payment at the time of service or by advance registration; For project-based services (fee variable, determined in advance): Payment due 50% at engagement and 50% upon completion. Individual Sessions: Hourly Fees: Payment is due in advance of session(s); Writing / Editing: Per-page Fees: Payment is due upon delivery of product; Research: See Events (above). Refund: Fee is refunded at 100% prior to service delivery; all other refunds are determined on a case-by-case basis.

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