Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

20161231_180635One of the prominent models for understanding cultures is that of Geert Hofstede, which identifies countries and cultural groups according to 6 dimensions: Power Distance, Individualism vs Collectivism, Masculinity vs Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long- vs Short-term Orientation, and Indulgence vs Restraint. Rather than duality, these dimensions are mapped on a spectrum. For the ‘big picture’ [click for larger version]:

Power Distance     Individualism-Collectivism

Feminity-Masculinity    Uncertainty Avoidance

Long-Short Term Orientation    Indulgence-Restraint

For more information: https://www.hofstede-insights.com/models/national-culture/ 

For a useful tool to see these dimensions by country, and to compare countries: https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/